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Our India Trademark Service covers the entire gamut of Trademark Search, Trademark Filing, Trademark registration, Trademark watch, Trademark renewal and Trademark oppositions.

Before filing a trademark application, a thorough India Trademark Search should be conducted in the Indian Trademark Registry. The search will be run in the India Trademark Database and will include all Registered Trademarks and Pending Trademark Applications.

Trademark Search
India Trademark Search  is conducted in the database of trade marks and service marks that contains registered trademarks, pending applications and also includes trademarks advertised before acceptance in the Trade mark Journal and published by the Trade Mark Registry.
The trademarks to be filed should be searched (based on the goods or services for which registration is sought) in each of the relevant classes based on the India Trade Mark classification.

Trademark Registration

Our India Trademark Registration service is provided by experienced India Trademark consultants. You may contact us to know the requirements, time taken, cost and other details for registration of Trademark.

Trademark Watch

India Trademark Watch
service will keep a periodic watch for any mark conflicting with your trademarks that is advertised in the India Trademark Journal. We will therefore be able to notify you in time, for you to file Trademark Opposition to such marks. This will help in combating Trademark infringements.
Trademark Renewal is a process involving payment of renewal fees in time, every ten years, to ensure continued registration of your trademark.
 Our Chennai Trademark service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients. You may write to us to obtain a list of our clients.

Benefits of Trademark Registration
Registration of a trademark is a vital step to protect your business interests. Obtaining India trademark registration establishes that the registered owner is the proprietor of the mark covered by the registration.
In the case of unregistered brands, the proprietor of the brand name can initiate a passing off action.
A registered trademark owner can initiate Trademark infringement proceedings under The Trade Marks Act 1999 and The Trade Marks Rules 2002. This is a more powerful tool compared to initiating the Passing Off Action available to a owner of an unregistered brand.

Trademark Infringement proceedings
Passing Off Action
Mere possibility of confusion is sufficient to get interim relief.
Actual deception is to be proved to obtain relief
Trademark infringement is actionable. Registered owner need not prove monetary damage.
Proving actual damage caused is essential in a passing off case
Trademark registration is proof of ownership of the mark.
User to provide evidence of uninterrupted use of brand. Should also prove that the infringer adopted his brand knowingly
Proprietor of a registered trademark can initiate proceedings in a jurisdiction of a court where he resides or carries on business
Passing off case can be initiated only where defendant resides or carries on business

Trademark Maintenance
A trademark is not granted in perpetuity. After registration of a trademark it must be maintained by paying renewal fees periodically to the Trademark office. Trademark registration will expire after 10 years unless it is renewed before the end of ten years by paying the renewal fee. We offer Trademark renewal services to ensure timely renewal of your trademark.

Our Patent Services

India Patent Registration
A Patent grant is an exclusive right to a person who has invented a new and useful article or an improvement of an existing article. Invention is any new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application. An invention can be considered new or novel if it has not been anticipated by publication in any document or used anywhere in the world prior to the date of filing of the patent application. To be eligible for a patent an invention should be new, useful and industrial applicable.

PCT Filing

The Patent cooperation Treaty is an agreement for international cooperation in the field of the patents. It provides for a unified procedure for filing patent applications.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is a cost-effective and efficient tool available to the inventor / patent applicant to enter into the patenting process in several countries at one time. Filing a PCT application does not result directly in the issuance of any national patents. It provides many important benefits for applicants planning to file applications in multiple countries. PCT filing is a simple and economical way to protect the interest of the patentee. It also provides for more time for the applicant to decide on pursuing his patent application in multiple countries.

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