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Why Patent?
Do you have an invention to patent?
Is it an idea or a concept?
What kind of protection do you need?
What can you do to protect your rights?
Ideas are important because they lead to inventions. Inventions are powerful and take humanity forward. Some inventions will go on to change the world around us in a big way.
For an idea to become an invention, it should be reduced to practice. You should be capable of detailing as to how the idea can be applied to produce a result. An idea needs to be more than just abstract to be an invention.
It is not essential to build a model of an invention to make sure that it actually works. You have to only describe how the idea will be put into practice.

What is a patent?
A patent is the right to exclude others from making, using, selling an invention without the consent of the Patentee. Or in other words, it is a monopoly on your idea.
What is a provisional patent?
A provisional patent application is a way to get patent-pending for one year. Technically, it is only a patent application because it never is examined by the Patent Office, and never becomes a granted patent. You have to file the Complete Specification detailing your invention along with your claims, within one year from the date of filing of your provisional patent application. This is then examined by the Patent office and a patent grant may be issued.
Should we pay fees for a patent to be in force?
Yes. Once a patent is granted, you have to pay the annual fees towards maintenance of the patent.
Can I file for a patent?
Your invention should be evaluated by us to see if it is eligible for a grant of patent. This includes running a patent search and determining if your invention meets criteria laid down by the Patent Act and Rules.
What is a patent search?
A patent search is a way to determine if someone else has already filed a Patent application for a same or similar invention or whether any publication or written material already discloses your invention.

How much does a patent cost?
Patent cost vary a lot depending upon how complicated the invention is and consequently how many applications need to be filed. Please contact us, to advise you the cost for patenting your specific invention.

How long does a patent last?
A provisional patent application lasts for a year. A patent granted lasts for 20 years from its filing date.

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