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Do not step on other’s toes :

The primary purpose behind a trademark search is to insure you do not infringe on some other person's rights. Conducting an India trademark search will help you to avoid legal hassles and huge costs at a later date.
  • A good mark is one that is independent of the nature or features of goods or services, i.e. when thought of in a vacuum there is no way to imagine your goods and services.
  • Do not use your mark until it has been searched and approved
Once we complete the search and determine that the trademark is available for filing, we can file the application and you can put a ™ next to the mark.

Therefore a trademark search should be conducted to rule out the possibility that someone has already filed a trademark application for your trademark. A trademark search is less expensive than filing the application and it will tell you if you have a chance of having the application approved that would result in registration of the trademark. A trademark search also reduces the possibility of a trademark opposition being filed against your mark.

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